Hi! I'm Kelsey.

I’m a Saas and B2B content and copywriter based in sunny San Diego, California. My passion? Helping companies like you engage their target customers with smart, well-researched content and conversion-based copy.

What makes me different.

I’ve worked with 18+ growing companies in the SaaS and B2B tech space – including Toggl, Timing, and CustomerGauge – to generate 150+ well-researched long-form blog posts. The best part about working with me? After a single phone call, I’m prepped to come up with ideas for ages – so you can sit back, relax, and watch the content pour in.

Copy that converts.

As a business owner, you want your content to be engaging, helpful to your audience and on-brand, of course.

What’s most important? You want results.

Trained in direct response copy, I bring a unique approach to content writing that:

  • Positions your product as meeting a core need of your audience...
  • Gets your readers to take action, and...
  • Builds relationship with prospective customers through valuable content.

So, whether you’re looking for:

  • Ongoing blog content…
  • Website copy…
  • Email newsletters…
  • Social media ads…
  • Case studies….
  • Or e-books...

….I apply the same response-driven approach to all copy.

The end result? Potential customers can see how valuable your product is...and are ready to take action.

A process that makes it easy for you.

You’re running a business. You don’t have time to brainstorm ideas for your next blog post or spend hours laboring over website copy. Still, you know that what you say to potential customers – about your brand, what you know, and what you’re offering – is super, super important.

In other words, it can make the difference between growing leads and customers...and spinning your wheels.

That’s where I come in – to help you craft words that convey your message, position you as an industry authority, and help you get a response. In fact, after one 60-minute phone call with you, I’m ready to generate content for months with minimal input.

After using my own 6-step process for creating blog topics that are SEO-targeted, relevant, and attention-grabbing, I deliver topics to you in batches. You can be as heavily or as lightly involved as you’d like to be in the ideation, research, and approval process – whatever works best for you.


I've got a background that combines direct response, content, and website copywriting. As a result, I can write for a variety of mediums, in a variety of styles (conversational, direct response, technical, brand-oriented...).

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