Blog Posts: Timing

I write ongoing blog content for Timing, a time-tracking application that aims to help freelancers keep detailed track of their working hours. I focus on productivity, time-tracking basics, and leveraging time-tracking to increase income. Read How to Identify Your Flow Using Time-Tracking.   Read How to Leverage Your Time-Tracking Data for More Earnings and Better … Continue reading Blog Posts: Timing

E-Book: 17 Special Advertising Insights for Marketing to Seniors

I wrote a full-length, 36-page e-book dedicated to marketing strategy for reaching seniors. I created the piece as a business development piece for a direct response marketing agency that specializes in products and services for consumers aged 55+.

Blog Posts: IntakeQ

I create ongoing content for IntakeQ, an electronic forms platform that helps private medical offices integrate electronic forms into their administrative processes. I also write an email newsletter and a value-added informational piece, such as a free checklist or worksheet, for each article. Read “Creating an Effective Pre-Appointment Questionnaire. Read “Simplifying HIPAA Requirements – A … Continue reading Blog Posts: IntakeQ

Website: Creative Direct Marketing Group

I wrote the “Services” pages for Creative Direct Marketing Group, a digital marketing agency that also offers direct mail services. To write page copy, I spoke with account executives, the creative director, and other creatives to help hone in on the agency’s processes while describing their full-service approach. Click here to go to the first … Continue reading Website: Creative Direct Marketing Group