Blog Posts: Timing

I write ongoing blog content for Timing, a time-tracking application that aims to help freelancers keep detailed track of their working hours. I focus on productivity, time-tracking basics, and leveraging time-tracking to increase income. Read How to Identify Your Flow Using Time-Tracking.   Read How to Leverage Your Time-Tracking Data for More Earnings and Better … Continue reading Blog Posts: Timing

Blog Posts: IntakeQ

I create ongoing content for IntakeQ, an electronic forms platform that helps private medical offices integrate electronic forms into their administrative processes. I also write an email newsletter and a value-added informational piece, such as a free checklist or worksheet, for each article. Read “Creating an Effective Pre-Appointment Questionnaire. Read “Simplifying HIPAA Requirements – A … Continue reading Blog Posts: IntakeQ

Blog Posts: Direct Marketing Update

I write ongoing content for Direct Marketing Update, a weekly marketing newsletter that educates business owners and marketers on best practices for cost-effective, accountable marketing across the digital and print space. Read “3 Steps to Take Advantage of the Revolutionary Opportunities Under the JOBS Act.”     Read “37 Surprising Trends and Forecasts in Advertising and Marketing … Continue reading Blog Posts: Direct Marketing Update