E-Book: 17 Special Advertising Insights for Marketing to Seniors

I wrote a full-length, 36-page e-book dedicated to marketing strategy for reaching seniors. I created the piece as a business development piece for a direct response marketing agency that specializes in products and services for consumers aged 55+.

Website: Creative Direct Marketing Group

I wrote the “Services” pages for Creative Direct Marketing Group, a digital marketing agency that also offers direct mail services. To write page copy, I spoke with account executives, the creative director, and other creatives to help hone in on the agency’s processes while describing their full-service approach. Click here to go to the first … Continue reading Website: Creative Direct Marketing Group

Blog Posts: Direct Marketing Update

I write ongoing content for Direct Marketing Update, a weekly marketing newsletter that educates business owners and marketers on best practices for cost-effective, accountable marketing across the digital and print space. Read “3 Steps to Take Advantage of the Revolutionary Opportunities Under the JOBS Act.”     Read “37 Surprising Trends and Forecasts in Advertising and Marketing … Continue reading Blog Posts: Direct Marketing Update

Book: 23 Equity Crowdfunding Secrets to Raising Capital

I edited and contributed to this marketing guide for entrepreneurs raising capital for their business under the JOBS Act. The guide included detailed information about various categories under the JOBS Act, and detailed each element of an effective marketing campaign to the investor. Below, I have included Chapter 17, The Surprising Power of Amazon-Generated Data to … Continue reading Book: 23 Equity Crowdfunding Secrets to Raising Capital

E-Book: 17 Powerful, Strategic Keys for Marketing Your Subscription Service

I wrote this informational piece, a 17-page special report used as a marketing piece for a business development campaign at a creative agency. The report included a set of direct response marketing foundations for a multichannel, integrated marketing campaign. I’ve included the cover and the first two pages below.